Skincare Tips & Tricks for Health & Wellness

Year-round, your skin has needs. From sweltering temperatures and humidity in the summer, to cold, drying conditions during the winter, it can be difficult to maintain the health of your skin. By making a few simple changes to your skincare routine, you can have soft, glowing skin all year round!

Use the Right Moisturizer
Your skin’s needs change depending on the season, but using a moisturizer for your face and body is a must year-round. During the colder months, a thick, moisturizing cream or a moisturizing oil locks in your skin’s natural moisture while simultaneously acting as a barrier against cold, dry air. During the warmer months, a lighter cream keeps your skin moisturized without leaving it greasy or stuck to clothing. Some moisturizers even include SPF, which is a must!

Treat Skin Gently 
When your skin feels raw and chapped, the last thing you should be doing is exfoliating, which in winter can feel like rubbing sandpaper across your delicate skin. Save the face peels and exfoliating body scrubs for spring, after skin has had a chance to recover from winter’s harsh conditions. Even then, use a mild scrub or peel once or twice a week. Any more and you may end up with irritated, inflamed skin—the opposite of what you want.

Love Your Lips
Show your lips some love with frequent applications of lip balm. Make sure you choose one with natural oils, so you don’t inadvertently make your lips even more chapped. Avoid licking your lips, too. During the winter especially, the quick evaporation of water from your lips makes them more prone to drying and cracking. You may also want to look for a lip balm with SPF, particularly during the spring and summer months when you’ll be spending more time outside.

Treat Your Feet
Do you sleep in socks in winter? If so, you can effortlessly moisturize dry heels just by slathering on a thick moisturizing cream right before you put on your night socks. If you pad around in booties at home, the same technique will also work during the day. During the spring and summer, you can treat rough heels by using a gritty scrub in the shower when it’s easier to slough off dead skin.

Drink More Water
Keeping yourself optimally hydrated is as good for your skin as it is for the rest of your body. Water helps flush toxins and return moisture to dehydrated skin, whether the cause is steaming temperatures or extreme, drying cold. Dehydration causes skin to become dull, flaky and itchy. Hydrated skin feels softer and has a healthy glow.

These five skincare tips will keep your skin moisturized and healthy through frosty and sweltering temperatures alike. You’ll be ready to show off beautiful, glowing you at any time!